Ambulance Motorcycle Club – Crash Card

The Ambulance Crash Card Scheme was created and designed by the Ambulance Motorcycle Club committee, a group of experienced paramedics and ambulance staff who are passionate about motorcycling and has been in use from 2009 in some parts of England.

The motorcyclist places a card inside their helmet as a medical alert.

The details which the rider has written on the card provide vital information for attending ambulance crews if the motorcyclist is injured in an road traffic collision. Saving valuable time and helping treatment especially if the rider is either unconscious or unable to communicate.

The card also has a mnemonic “CRASH” (Caution, Road, Accident, Serious and Help) which gives helpful advice if a rider comes across a road traffic collision.

A small sticker is placed on the right hand side of the riders helmet which alerts emergency responders that the card is carried inside the lining of the helmet.

Ian Burrell, General Secretary, of the Ambulance Motorcycle Club comments: “We know that riders are more likely than any other road user to stop at the scene of an accident and offer to help.


CRASH is an excellent way of helping the emergency services get the right resources to the scene as quickly as possible and we hope riders who stop to help will use their own card to provide information when calling 999.”

The CRASH card is accompanied by an explanatory letter which contains a self adhesive green dot.

The letter explains that riders should affix the dot to the right hand side of their helmets to help alert the attending medical staff to the presence of the card.

With over 500, 000 cards issued so far, CRASH is currently the most popular medical alert in the UK with a Global total over the 1 million mark.

Its success has already seen it gain widespread use in the USA and has been rolled out to Sweden in early 2012, followed by Finland, Portugal, Romania and now in Australia (New South Wales), hopes are it will eventually become a globally recognised safety initiative.


helmetinside2-250The scheme received an award from the FIM – Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme, the  FIM Road Safety Award 2012  for the creation of the helmet Crash cards – and the Rider Alert in the US – Medical cards in Sweden, etc… in recognising the outstanding effort and achievement’s of the programmes partners.

The scheme also won a Prince Michael International Road Safety Award in 2012.

UK Paramedic and Secretary General of the UK Ambulance Motorcycle Club, Ian Burrell was rewarded for his services to motorcycle safety in the British New Years Honors List and made a Member of The British Empire (MBE) by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth.

In the USA the Richmond Ambulance Authority was awarded the Nicholas Rosecrans Outstanding Achievement Award for Injury Prevention at the prestigious JEMS Conference Awards ceremony.

The scheme is the first of its kind anywhere and is protected under copyright in the UK and as a trade mark in the US.

The Ambulance Motorcycle club commented, “Its been humbling for the Paramedics, Emergency Care Assistants, Emergency Medical Technicians and support staff who created the programme.

Today the scheme in its various “flavours” is available in the USA –  Sweden – Finland, Portugal – Romania – together with the UK. We salute our friends in other countries for their energy and enthusiasm in helping motorcyclists and wish them every future success in developing their own programmes.”

In Northern Ireland we are proud to be given the opportunity to bring Crash Cards here under the auspicious of “Biker NI Safety Card”

Right To Ride manages the motorcycle initiatives – Biker NI Safety (CRASH) Card – Ride It Right – First Aid For Riders.

Trevor Baird

“Biker NI Safety Card – Use Your Head!”


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