bikesafelogo250BikeSafe NI is an initiative run by the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI), with support from motorcycle industry partners, aimed at reducing the number of motorcycle related casualties.

Biker NI Safety Card supports the BikeSafe Initiative.

By passing on their knowledge, skills and experience, police motorcyclists can advise you on how to become a safer, more competent rider and help you avoid some of the most common causes of accident and death.

They can also help you to increase your ability and confidence, so you can get even more enjoyment from riding your motorcycle.

The BikeSafe concept is designed to get the rider thinking, subsequently developing riding skills, which creates more time for the rider to react. Motorcycle riders have a great deal to think about, as road and traffic conditions change continuously requiring constant alterations to speed and position.

Although it is particularly suitable for riders returning or making a return to biking after a period of absence, as well as sports bike riders, the one-hour assessment is also open to anyone who rides a smaller commuter bike or scooter.

For 2016, the new enhanced workshops will get going at 10:00am, though feel free to arrive early to grab a complimentary tea or coffee and get to know your fellow participants and have a chat with the BikeSafe Team.

A two hour classroom presentation will cover the key elements of Motorcycle Roadcraft, The Police Rider’s Handbook, focussing on elements such as positioning, cornering and overtaking.

This is followed by a short break for lunch (not supplied).

Feel free to bring a packed lunch or use local cafes or shops close to all venues.

After lunch you’ll be introduced to your observer who’ll accompany you for a one to two hour ride-out, including stops for verbal de-briefing or advice on the way.

Then it’s back to base for a written de-brief and farewell with a BikeSafe goodie bag and your BikeSafe Certificate (via e-mail).

“Get A Card” at BikeSafe events.

BikeSafe Northern Ireland – Click Here

Book a BikeSafe assessment on the BikeSafe website – Click Here

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