openfacehelmet-250Our thanks to the following organisations – initiatives – businesses – agencies – motorcycling – that are supporting – promoting – advising – delivering the Biker NI Safety Card in Northern Ireland.

Special thanks to the PSNI Bikesafe – Northern Ireland Ambulance Service (NIAS) – Northern Ireland Fire & Rescue Service (NIFRS) as major agencies involved in keeping us safe and dealing with road collisions – injuries and assessment on rider skills.

Right To Ride manages the motorcycle initiatives – Biker NI Safety (CRASH) Card – Ride It Right – First Aid For Riders.

Want to find out more how you can get involved in the support of the Biker NI Safety Card?

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The PSNI say, “We welcome the introduction of the Crash Card to Northern Ireland. This is an excellent initiative which gives riders the opportunity to help and protect themselves.

They provide the emergency services with potentially life saving information at the scene in the event of a collision on the road.

The cards are free, easy to fill out and easy to carry – and a must have for all motorcyclists.”

The FREE PSNI Bikesafe rider skills assessment is the perfect introduction to skills on Hazard Awareness – Defensive Riding Technique – Junction Awareness – Cornering – Overtaking.

The Bikesafe team take riders out on an assessed ride, their assessment is based on professional riding techniques and is designed to enhance the skills of riders who have already passed their test.

Bikesafe NI is a Rider Skills Assessment – not Advanced Training.

That part is up to you!

Looking Forward For BikeSafe dates for 2014

Bikesafe Northern Ireland – Click Here

Northern Ireland Ambulance Service

ambulance“The Northern Ireland Ambulance Service welcomes the introduction of the crash card initiative to Northern Ireland.

NIAS personnel attend approximately 5000 Road Traffic Collisions on an annual basis and are acutely aware of the need for patient relevant information to be available at the earliest possible opportunity.

This initiative will immediately draw the attention of attending paramedics to the fact that this information is available and will be crucial to the chances of a positive outcome for the casualty, particularly on those occasions where the rider may be unconscious.

As such we really believe this is an initiative which may save lives.”

Northern Ireland Ambulance Service –

Northern Ireland Fire & Rescue Service (NIFRS)

NIFRS LogoNorthern Ireland Fire & Rescue Service (NIFRS) Spokesperson said:

“This has the potential to be a lifesaving initiative.

Our Firefighters witness first hand the carnage on our roads and the lives that are completely destroyed as a result.

The information contained on the safety card will go a long way to ensuring the casualty receives the most appropriate treatment at the earliest opportunity and we would encourage all bikers and their pillions to carry the card.”

Northern Ireland Fire & Rescue Service (NIFRS) –

British Motorcyclists Federation

The BMF in Northern Ireland is pleased to support and distribute the Biker NI Safety Card.

The BMF successfully campaigns on issues that directly affect the liberty, safety and security of motorcyclists’. The BMF educates and informs – from vehicle security to an online road defect reporting system.

British Motorcyclists Federation –

IAM – Institute of Advanced Motorists

If you’re passionate about biking let the IAM help give your skills a boost, improve your technique, increase your ability and confidence, and ultimately get the most out of the whole riding experience. It will also help improve your safety on the road.

The IAM also offer RideCheck, which is a short assessment for anyone who is interested in safer motorbike riding, but who doesn’t feel they are ready to take the IAM Advanced Riding Test.

For the IAM Motorcyclists Section – Do you want to be a better rider? – Click Here

For further details on the IAM in Northern

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Adelaide Motorbike Insurance –

Learn2Ride Motorcycle Training

‘Learn2Ride Motorcycle Training Derry/ Londonderry is both pleased and proud to support the Biker NI Safety Card initiative.

Learn2Ride Motorcycle Training

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Rider Record – O’Reilly Stewart Solicitors

OReillyStewartSolicitors-cardO’Reilly Stewart provide an information leaflet that gives a short summary of the details you should record at the scene of the accident.

The leaflet still comes with the “Rider Record” which is a credit sized card, with sections to record initial information about the other vehicle, accident circumstances, weather, witnesses and road conditions at the scene of an accident.

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