Doc John Hinds

drjohnhinds-250 The 9th July 2015 saw the laying to rest of Doctor John Hinds, after his fatal accident at the Skerries 100 practice session while providing medical cover.

For those from the world of motorcycling and motorcycle racing in Ireland no introduction is needed to “Doc John” and his colleague Dr Fred McSorley as the “flying doctors” of Irish road racing and the Medical Team of the Motorcycle Union of Ireland (Ulster Centre).

Since his tragic death many many fitting and emotional tributes have been made to “Doc John” with his funeral cortege escorted by hundreds of bikers via the Tandragee 100 Road Racing Circuit to the family home at Portaferry, where the funeral will take place from today.

Better people than ourselves have, as we said, written tributes to the life and the work of “Doc John”, so we have no long tribute to give but we can point you to tribute pages set up in the memory of “Doc John”.

To pages that are seeking to continue a legacy to the believe that “Doc John” to deliver a HEMS – Helicopter Emergency Medical Service – (Air Ambulance) for Northern Ireland and a petition to the Northern Ireland Ministry of Health The Northern Ireland Assembly pushing ahead with Dr John Hinds campaign to get an Air Ambulance off the ground for Northern Ireland.

In these dark moments for motorcycle racing please view the video below, which is a presentation by the man himself about the life saving work that he and his colleagues undertake at road races.

The video is enlightening to the work in a “pre hospital environment” of “a well drilled team” how “a well functioning pre hospital team can change lives”.

Definitely with a sense of “humour” the video is as “entertaining” as it is serious, showing what is required to undertake this dedicated and necessary life saving work, all making his loss for his family, friends, close circle and motorcycle racing the greatest tragedy!

For us at Right To Ride with the issues we look at for road going motorcycle safety, this video in our opinion is a must for the road going rider to watch, to take in how this transfers to riding on the road, appreciate and to reflect on the whole riding environment that you place yourself in.

Simply thanks “Doc John” for your dedication and life!

Information & Links

In memory of Doctor John Hinds – On Facebook

#HEMS4NI – Helicopter Emergency Medical Service for Northern Ireland – On Facebook

Petition for Air Ambulance N.I. – Click Here

Medical Team of the Motorcycle Union of Ireland (Ulster Centre)On Facebook

RIP Dr John Hinds – The Fastest Road Racing Doctor

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  1. Biker NI Safety Card says:
    Air Ambulance Northern Ireland

    Air Ambulance Northern Ireland are delighted that the Chancellor of the Exchequer has announced the provision of £4m in LIBOR fines to help establish the first Air Ambulance Service for Northern Ireland. This is a very welcome step to bring this lifesaving service to Northern Ireland.

    Air Ambulance Northern Ireland will save lives and complement the existing Ambulance provision.

    There are thirty two air ambulances throughout England, Scotland and Wales however Northern Ireland with a population of 1.85 million and 5463 sq miles of land mass is at this moment without an HEMS (helicopter emergency medical service). The Trustess have been working on the intoduction of an Air Ambulance since 2013 and in May 2014, with the support of Minister Arlene Foster, presented a proposal for an Air Ambulance for Northern Ireland.

    The public support has been overwhelming since the NW200 this year (2015) where a rider and spectator were seriously injured following a near fatal accident were air lifted by the Southern Ireland Coast Guard and taken to the RVH Belfast for specialist treatment. This accident was attended by Dr John Hinds a support Medic at the event who sadly on the 4th July 2015 was fatally injured working as a race medic at the Skerries 100 Road Race in Dublin. Dr John was a huge advocate for the introduction of an Air Ambulance in the Provence.

  2. Biker NI Safety Card says:

    Tribute to Doctor John Hinds at Armoy Road Races!

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